Stasis mtg deck scg

images stasis mtg deck scg

Delver decks- RUG The second fastest of the Delver decks, they have few lands, almost no basics making Back to Basics great if you run it and if they take a threat-light hand can be caught napping- drawing out with Ponders and Brainstorms is not an option with Stasis down. If these can be kept off for a small while there is every chance of a winning board state being found. I've been experimenting with the deck recently, but I'm going to try a build more like yours - I think I've been far too greedy in trying to stick other stasis combo pieces into the deck, all of which are just worse than Zarek. Hard counters can be aimed at Spirits and Thalias early on, but if they do get through it is not time to despair. Ancestral Visions Ideal draw for some builds, it whiffs so badly mid game unless it is locked. Many of these fishy decks are low on Wastelands too. The Tabernacle at Pendrell Vale - self explanatory, bloody expensive, very good against critter decks. Of course, Zuran Orb and Land Tax would also do the job quite nicely. Chalice Stompy strategies have always been around, and it is important to not keel over to t1 chalice.

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  • Deck Builder Playing Card Corporation and marked Wizards of the Coast's first attempt to print Magic: the Gathering within the United States.

    At the beginning of your upkeep, sacrifice Stasis unless you pay U. Season Two SCG Points. Mar 17, Turbo Stasis was a popular deck in the "Black Summer" of where it played particularly well against Necropotence decks.

    images stasis mtg deck scg

    Its strategy. Nov 28, The first wave of Necro-based decks relied on pump knights and Drain Life to finish off an opponent and Stasis was the perfect foil for that deck.
    Reanimator A lot of anti-bin cards exist, and of course Containment Priest is rather hard for them from the board.

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    Static Orb - another Stasis variant upon the classic Winter Orb Sideboard options - as ever it is a case of chose what you want to beat, and we have plenty of colours to chose from. Propaganda may be of use in the main, even if only a couple of copies. Builds are key, as you can imagine taking on a combo deck is easier when Force of Will etc.

    MTG Stasis Prices and Decks July 𝗠𝗧𝗚𝗗𝗘𝗖𝗞𝗦

    Claws of Gix.

    images stasis mtg deck scg
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    This was the core of the deck.

    Ponder over Visions and what I had available currently only own 2 Jaces but I'm also comfortable with that number. Hovi continued to tinker with the deck despite only modest success at the Nudel-Cup series. In general Stasis is weakest against combo, some of the tools needed against combo are outside of blue and artifacts- Leylines being a case in point.

    Artifact 4 4 Azorius Signet.

    Against the Odds Legacy Stasis

    Fittingly, Tommi used an Alliances-enhanced version of that deck to make the first Top 8 of his Hall of Fame career at Worlds that year.

    This thread is for Stasis decks that are as competitive as possible. Fatpow's Horn of Greed Stasis list featured on SCG's daily digest had. So I am obsessed with wilderness reclamation and stasis.

    1st Place with U/R Stasis at Weekly Tournament

    MTGLegacy) With wilderness reclamation I think this deck has a chance. Since SCG introduced the legacy opens I have been playing legacy, some years pretty.

    Dec 13, It didn't sound like the guy was new to MTG or that he was trying out new decks that he had built. He was a bad player playing with obnoxious.
    Being bant makes removing Chalices and enchantments is at least quite easy.

    images stasis mtg deck scg

    Ensnaring Bridge - fatties don't like it, nonbo with Turbo builds against anything other than fat dudes. Obviously the Equipoise in game two is back breaking for them, but I only run one and the Tutor.

    That when combined with Leylines, also gives you a proper match against Storm and Belcher type decks too, which brings the obvious point that you should aim for some general cards like Mindcensors, Leylines and Mages in the slots that come in against a fair few decks. This is probably the hardest part for me to write due to the variety of options available in Bant- I have not tried them all, and playskill, always huge in any deck, is even more of an issue in a Stasis deck where the value of cards changes before and after Stasis is played.

    I avoid using creatures as they are nonbos with out deck but the effect is available in hatebear form. Enlightened Tutor.

    images stasis mtg deck scg
    AK 101 VS AK74 AIRSOFT
    Boomerang and Claws of Gix are for bouncing Stasis, keeping your life high, and playing a generally well rounded game of Magic.

    Over the intervening seasons the deck would pop up in one form or another.

    Deconstructing Stasis MAGIC THE GATHERING

    Propaganda may be of use in the main, even if only a couple of copies. I also end up getting Tamiyo's ultimate off and start gaining a large amount of card advantage trying to find a Stasis.

    images stasis mtg deck scg

    My issue is Tabernacles main, but given how good she is, I suspect I will run one main and one side, or two main and just be careful. If you have lots of BGX grind decks then you can even resort to a one off Karma from the board as winning is hard against a deck like that, although Meddling Mage and other hatebears are perhaps worth looking at.

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    1. This works really nicely with Fathom Seer as the aforementioned one-sided Howling Mine and is basically a one-sided Stasis with Brine Elemental — hence the Pickles — that you can use every turn thanks to the Shapeshifter letting you flip it back face down every upkeep. From there I untap my basic lands and drop another Stasis, but this time with Ral Zarek for the permanent lock.