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images seymour guado fight

When in Overdrive, her Diamond Dust can do 9, damage. Push the pedestal down here. Save your game. Seymour transforms into Seymour Natus with a mechanical, hovering creature called Mortibody to assist him. Talk with Auron at the end to advance the plot, then walk away from him to trigger the appearance of Sin, and you'll get whisked away into a cutscene and off to parts unknown.

  • Seymour Guado (Character) Giant Bomb

  • Seymour is a boss in Final Fantasy X, fought at Macalania Temple shortly after Yuna The battle is fought in three segments, with the second one against his Seymour is flanked by two of his Guado Guardians; their first action is to cast.

    Seymour Guado is a major antagonist in Final Fantasy X, as well as a guest in a battle. As a Maester in the temple of Yevon, Seymour has influence over Spira. I keep fighting him but he keeps killing me with anima.

    haste on tidus, then make tidus talk to seymour dont talk to the guado guardians cause they wont say .
    His aeon, Anima is of of the strongest Aeons in the entire game and can inflict Pain on her enemies. The Guards will cover Seymour from physical attacks, and due to their Protect status the party cannot inflict much damage on them with physical attacks.

    Final Fantasy X Ultimania Omega elaborates that Seymour's mother was dying, motivating her desire to become a fayth for her son even though she knew of the mechanics of the Final Summoning through Jyscal, as the Guado possess their own records that tell of Spira's sealed histories in fragments. This is primarily a defensive battle for the party, so attaching Protect and Shell to White Mage-type characters is recommended; and adding Reflect may help to buffer the boss's onslaught of spells.

    Mortibody will regularly use Desperadowhich removes all positive statuses. Yuna summons Valefor to escape, while her guardians use Rikku 's flash bomb as a distraction to meet up with her in Bevelle Temple, after which they are arrested by Yevon officials.

    images seymour guado fight
    Seymour guado fight
    As each of them die, they will cast Protect or Shell on the Wendigo as a last gasp; these buffs can be removed by an aeroblast from Ixion.

    Seymour Guado (Character) Giant Bomb

    Banish is never used against characters, though if hacked to do so, it functions just like any other ejection attack. Previously, when Seymour died in Macalania Temple, he fell to the floor assuming the same pose as Jesus is often depicted on the cross. Test Tidus's strike against a Guado.

    images seymour guado fight

    Go up and take the Macalania sphere from the wall and put it on the pillar to make the last part of the bridge show up.

    Every time you fight Seymour you should deal with the Guado guardians first - if you have a Petrify Grenade, it'll take out the guardians instantly, and they won't.

    Take out the Guado Guards first, because they will continously heal Seymour ( you Aeon overdrives should kill Seymour (second fight). After an edgy talk with him, you will have to battle Seymour and his Guado Guards. The battle will begin with the 2 Guards casting Protect on themselves and.
    Push it right to make the third bridge show up.

    images seymour guado fight

    Seymour recognizes Auron, one of Yuna's guardians, as an unsentstating that the Guado are keen to the scent of the Farplane. Go down and take the Destruction Sphere out of the slot and put it in the first one on the left on the wall.

    This process takes no more than a few hours and we'll send you an email once approved. Due to his harsh and lonely upbringing, Seymour has nihilistic views on life. He secretly traveled to the Zanarkand Ruins to transport Anima's fayth to the abandoned Baaj Temple and sealed it up. Seymour Guado envisions himself as a messiah, but he can be compared to a false prophet, as he preaches for unification yet tricks the people of Yevon and plans to become Sin with the intention of destroying Spira.

    images seymour guado fight
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    Very well.

    He sees death as a release from sorrow and pain and he wishes to save people from this cycle by killing them.

    Seymour Omnis Seymour Omnis HP: 80, Prior to this battle, you may want to equip armors that will absorb or nullify elemental attacks, as this battle will be chock-full of them. Push the pedestal along the ice to the pile of snow near the altar on the far end of the room. They indicate what his element is, and therefore what his weakness is. This will cause another Macalania Sphere and a large block to move up to the top floor.

    Seymour Guado is a major antagonist and temporary playable character in Final Keep hitting Mortibody until it drains all of Seymours HP to win the battle.
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    After dreaming of Seymour striking him on the head, Flan Azul believes his master is not truly gone and decides to travel Spira a bit longer. It's slightly shorter and there's a Lvl.

    images seymour guado fight
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    Yuna and her guardians are thrown into the Via Purificoand Seymour volunteers to guard the exit in case they emerge alive.

    Yuna does marry him, but only to leave him at the altar after trying to send him to save her friends and obtain the aeon Bahamut.

    If he immediately casts Waterga, Ixion will die. A maester of Yevon and leader of the Guado. Start a Wiki.

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    1. You get one turn between these attacks, so a Holy Water might be a good idea. Spoilers end here.