Dl 650 stator rotor

images dl 650 stator rotor

Where are u located? Type: Generator Stator Coil. They said they never seen this before without crashing the bike. BTW 30, mile, bought bike new, never any electical problems I unhooked stebel horn, unhooked LED GIVI lights, unhooked12 volt cig outlet, and unhooked powerlet cable for heated gloves. Domestic dispatch time. So far so good, and I had a long term issue with a vibration that was solved with gluing the magnets back in place which for me was huge. That's your master cylinder again. Suzuki SV -- Here is one link that has a couple good pics. The master cylinder will fit into the case.

  • DL alternator Adventure Rider
  • DL Stator major failure
  • Charging problem is loose rotor magnets
  • Reliability of new replacement magneto rotor/flywheel

  • Results 1 - 48 of SUZUKI VSTROM DL STATOR MAGNETO ALTERNATOR GENERATOR FLYWHEEL ROTOR (Fits: Suzuki Vstrom ). SUZUKI VSTROM DL STATOR GENERATOR ALTERNATOR DL STATOR MAGNETO ALTERNATOR GENERATOR FLYWHEEL ROTOR. Products 1 - 30 of 37 If your project is incomplete without Motorcycle Alternator & Charging Parts, look no further. We have quality products for your Suzuki.
    I done that to my new rotor.

    I did just put JB Weld under the two magnets that were loose but did not put any between them.

    DL alternator Adventure Rider

    Become a site supporter for a free shirt and ad free viewing. They are case hardened M4's I am trying to find information on the assembly of this component. Hot This Week. I would guess they will be pulling the clutch cover as well to clean out the oil pump pre-filter. Visit my eBay shop.

    images dl 650 stator rotor
    Dl 650 stator rotor
    Those are Suzuki external case cover bolts used on the outside of their engines.

    DL Stator major failure

    TexspeleoSep 23, Each part is systematically placed to be easily located once purchased. I uninstalled the old parts over a year ago and haven't gotten around to the rebuild until this summer. If you purchased the item by mistake or changed your mind, However, YOU pay for the shipping and we refund the cost of the item only.

    I replaced the 2nd failed OEM stator on my DLA with an The stator, rotor and wiring harness part numbers all changed in I don't.

    What is the power output of the wee-strom alternator? I've added heated grips to my DL (boy are they nice), is that all the juice I have to work with? of them - ie:3 phase) attached to the housing and the rotor is either a.

    This is my stator after km's - DL Thumbs Down Wall. I might have a one at hand, complete with rectifier and rotor.
    Failure just occurred at about miles. I done that to my new rotor. I am putting in the replacement stator. Also, trouble shooting new parts against old I find that they are both WNL per trouble shooting specs on the bench.

    Charging problem is loose rotor magnets

    Have one to sell?

    images dl 650 stator rotor
    I had two magnets that shifted and one with a hairline crack on my rotor. Guaranteed 3 day delivery. Cases are going to have to come apart to pick all the pieces out. Thanks very much, I know it was a lot of questions and I really appreciate it.

    Thanks in Advance! It isn't manufacturer fault in the engine.

    Video: Dl 650 stator rotor Removing the stator from my DL650

    By the way, there is someone over there reporting a failure of a replacement rotor.

    Loose Rotor magnets have been reported for both the and the but a larger number of failures have been reported for the You have a lot of questions. I won't be able to answer them all. I will say I have this motor sitting in my shop and have owned a few of these.
    All you want to do is form a permanent spacer. I once thought oil level might be important because burned sections were always on top.

    images dl 650 stator rotor

    Number of Coils: If there is a part name or location in the manual please point me in the right direction. Step 4 I noticed there is quite a gap between the rotor assembly and the back plate.

    Video: Dl 650 stator rotor SV1000 - Charging problem and Magnets

    Step 5 I do not recognize this component.

    images dl 650 stator rotor
    Dl 650 stator rotor
    No recalls I know of, but they should be contacting the local rep for assistance.

    Reliability of new replacement magneto rotor/flywheel

    BlueStreakSep 22, That will also prevent them from lifting in the future which has caused contact with the stator. Free Shipping. Where can I find this JB Weld? Their is some info circulating that claims that the DL's have about an extra 75 watts of capacity over the basic requirements to run the engine, lights, and displays.

    Good to know that I still have a few extra watts to work with.

    images dl 650 stator rotor

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