Cyathea contaminans description

images cyathea contaminans description

Hope Ching Cyclosorus parasiticus L. Moore Microlepia strigosa Thunb. Price Pyrrosia porosa C. Sledge Teratophyllum aculeatum Blume Mett. India: 12p. Tectaria zeilanica Houtt. Selliguea pui Hovenkamp Selliguea rhynchophylla Hook. Cyclosorus penangianus Hook. Presl B.

  • Blue Tree Fern (Cyathea contaminans), Cyatheaceae Stock Photo Alamy
  • Cyathea (PROSEA) PlantUse English
  • Cyathea contaminans (Wall. ex Hook.) Cyathea of Java
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  • Blue Tree Fern (Cyathea contaminans), Cyatheaceae Stock Photo Alamy

    Clarke & BAK., though this name was actually used by Clarke & Baker for a quite different species. I hope to publish elsewhere descriptions of this and other. Cyathea contaminans (Wall. ex Hook.) Description Although Cyathea species are often exploited for the horticultural industry (mainly for their trunks as a.

    Blue tree fern (Engl.) Pakong-buwaya is a tree fern that grows to 7 meters. -There are 26 endemic species of Cyathea in the Philippines.
    Sori round, usually at the fork of veins, or seated on a simple vein, a branch of the vein always entering the receptacle; indusium present or absent, if present then either attached all around the base of the receptacle and covering the young sorus, opening to form a firm-edged cup or opening by irregular rupture, or attached on costular side of receptacle and of varying size, in some cases quite hidden by mature sorus; receptacle erect, more or less club-shaped to spherical; sporangia many, always short-stalked, annulus almost vertical, completely bypassing the stalk; paraphyses usually present as multicellular hairs, sometimes flat and several cells wide at base.

    Oleandra musifolia Blume C. Cyathea ferns are slow-growing plants and take many years to reach maximum height.

    images cyathea contaminans description

    Makino Diplazium donianum Mett. Morton Thelypteris dayi Bedd.

    Cyathea (PROSEA) PlantUse English

    images cyathea contaminans description
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    Pleocnemia hemiteliiformis Racib.

    Hymenophyllum bontocense Copel. Tectaria simonsii Baker Ching Tectaria singaporiana Wall. Selliguea laciniata C. Presl Milde Athyrium cuspidatum Bedd. Tectaria manilensis C.

    Cyathea is a genus of tree ferns, the type genus of the fern order Cyatheales.

    The genus name Cyathea is derived from the Greek kyatheion, meaning "little cup", and refers to the cup-shaped sori on the underside of the fronds.

    Contents. 1 Description; 2 Classification. Cyathea celebica · Cyathea contaminans · Cyathea cooperi · Cyathea crinita. Cyathea contaminans (Wall. ex Hook.) . to add a name to the fern; in Desvaux copied the description of Brown and provided the name.

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    Cyathea contaminans (Wall. ex Hook.) Copel. Synonym of Sphaeropteris glauca (Bl.) · 1, occurrences · Overview · Metrics.
    Hymenophyllum denticulatum Sw. Ching Cyclosorus validus Christ. Microsorum punctatum L. Some species prefer more open habitats, even swamps, and some grow preferentially in cleared areas, sometimes gregariously.

    Cyathea contaminans (Wall. ex Hook.) Cyathea of Java

    Clarke Ching Thelypteris laxa Franch.

    images cyathea contaminans description
    Cyathea contaminans description
    Fosberg Hymenophyllum exsertum Wall. Leptochilus hemionitideus C. There are good prospects for tree ferns in landscaping. Selliguea laciniata C.

    Cyathea growing in natural stands is generally free from serious diseases and pests.

    Kingdom: Plantae. Taxonomic Rank: Species.

    images cyathea contaminans description

    Synonym(s): Sphaeropteris glauca (Blume) R.M. Tryon. Cyathea contaminans var. contaminans (Wall.

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    ex Hook.). Distribution · Economic Uses · Key to the species · Description of the species · Glossary · References · Links · About me · Sitemap · Description of the species > ‎. Cyathea contaminans – Blue Tree Fern new. Product Code: YS00 Description Attributes Customer Comments (1). A large tree fern with a slender, rough.
    Morton Loxogramme subecostata Hook. Cyathea species are concentrated in the tropics where they are most numerous in montane to alpine vegetation, often in the undergrowth of moist forest, often in ravines.

    Leucostegia immersa C. Tectaria crenata Cav. Phymatosorus membranifolius R. Many authors have tried to distinguish both C.

    Ferns of Thailand, Laos and Cambodia > Cyathea contaminans

    Kramer Lindsaea ensifolia Sw.

    images cyathea contaminans description
    Cyathea contaminans description
    Moore Lygodium salicifolium C.

    They are spread by ants and seem to reappear every year, usually in warmer weather. Acrostichum aureum L. Pteris longipes D. Selliguea pui Hovenkamp Selliguea rhynchophylla Hook.

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