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Christiaens, K. Stoll, G. Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences. Rinaldo, A. The paper presents major milestones in the transformation of hydrologic science over the last 50 years from engineering hydrology to Earth system science. Salvatti, T. Different sensing techniques including time-lapse imagery, electric conductivity and stage measurements were used to generate a combined dataset of presence and absence of streamflow within a large number of nested sub-catchments in the Attert catchment, Luxembourg.

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    See sales information for Martin Avenue, as far back as 30 years. The Deed for Martin Avenue is filed with the County Clerk in Book on Page .
    We show that this provides useful additional insights for understanding the biotic and abiotic impediments to root water uptake. Various processes e. Haberlandt, U. This study investigate the processes and effects of simultaneous flood peaks at a lowland confluence.

    In doing all of this, it also produces various new results, and some regarding solute transport.

    Data reflect hydrological processes in the catchment and changes of the isotope value of local precipitation.

    images christiane morgner heating
    We could identify emerging spatial patterns which imply periods of terrestrial control on soil moisture organization.

    To extract water from soils for isotopic analysis, cryogenic water extraction is the most widely used removal technique. Quinton, Christopher Spence, Andrew J. Lichens and bryophytes have been shown to release nitrous oxide, which is a strong greenhouse gas and atmospheric ozone-depleting agent.

    Analyses bring forward recent well-known events like and — but also much older ones like and The paper proposes a dimensionless framework to investigate the impact of the rainfall event structure on the runoff peak.

    Hartmann, M.

    Gordon Geißler · Michael Kaliske · Christiane Morgner · Read more. Conference Paper. Similarity in degradation behavior by heat and irradiation between. Regulatory role of the kDa-heat-shock protein (Hsp90) and associated factors on Heat shock protein 90 (Hsp90) is the key chaperone in mediating protein folding and the .

    Saehong E Oh · Christine Yeung Nina Morgner · Min Zhou. Simulation of self-heating of dynamically loaded elastomer components.

    images christiane morgner heating

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    Great vacation Harman, A. The presented dataset is therefore valuable information for long-term glacier studies.

    Christine Morgner (chris_morgner) Twitter

    Tuteja, Gnanathikkam E. Troch, P. We show in three different experiments that this network is able to learn to predict the discharge purely from meteorological input parameters such as precipitation or temperature as accurately as or better than the well-established Sacramento Soil Moisture Accounting model, coupled with the Snow snow model. Remote Sens.

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    images christiane morgner heating
    Christiane morgner heating
    The results showed a higher sensitivity of summer low flow to snow in alpine catchments compared to pre-alpine catchments.

    It handles 2-D diffusion based on a spatial random walk and implicit pore space redistribution and 1-D advection in representative macropores as film flow with dynamic interaction with the soil matrix. High-frequency water quality measurements at a pumping station where excess water is pumped out of a polder catchment have indicated that nitrate from agricultural areas is drained away relatively quickly in wet periods, but that phosphate is actually retained much more in polder systems than in free drainage areas.

    images christiane morgner heating

    We describe a novel technique for the precise, quasi real-time observation of water-stable isotopes in gross precipitation and throughfall from tree canopies in parallel. We explain it by the different ways by which ocean and land surfaces buffer the strong variation in solar radiation and demonstrate this with a simple, physically based model. Scanning measurements reveal the 3-dimensional structures of the water vapor field.

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    1. It has been suggested that biological soil crusts in drylands contribute substantially to global NO and HONO emissions, based on empirical upscaling of laboratory and field observations.