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images blackarachnia transformers prime

Soon after departing from his corpse, she stumbled across an Insecticon. Later in the battle, she got stuck to Breakdown and was taken aboard the Nemesis. Later, she finally caught up with her old flame, Optimus Prime for a long-overdue conversation. Optimus told her that he and Sentinel immediately formed a rescue party but were unable to find her. The pod was then brought back to the Autobot's headquarters. She told Megatron"What can I say, it's good to be back. The pod was then brought back to the Autobot's headquarters. She scanned his helicopter and fled. Sign In Don't have an account? As the three walked, Airachnid claimed Megatron had overdone himself with supposedly sending two of his professional and trusted Decepticons to track it down, as opposed to one.

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  • While they were busy flying to the Decepticon warship, Optimus Prime.

    Her design, color, and spider like appearance is inspired by Blackarachnia. As well the. Blackarachnia is a Decepticon and later Predacon from the Animated. It almost killed Blackarachnia, but Optimus Prime pulled the Key out.

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    Airachnid is a Decepticon from the Prime portion of the Aligned continuity. After a brief fight with Arcee, Airachnid was chased off by Optimus Prime, and . are inspired by several previous characters named Blackarachnia.
    The AllSpark Almanac.

    It'll be a long time before I ever trust another Autobot. Predatory episode. After fleeing, she stumbled across a vast amount of Insecticons and concluded that her first was merely a scout.

    images blackarachnia transformers prime

    Blackarachnia, " Along Came a Spider ".

    images blackarachnia transformers prime
    Blackarachnia transformers prime
    Surprised to see Breakdown again, the two fought and Airachnid again tore apart him apart. Transforming from spider to robot mode, she came swinging down from the sky to attack Ratchet in an attempt to seize the AllSpark.

    Arcee ambushed Airachnid and as the two of them fight, Megatron managed to kill the Insecticon. Airachnid quickly regained control over her Insecticons and led them on a rebellion against Megatron. In an interview with VenusBlackarachnia told of her encounter with Lockdown on the Moon.

    Blackarachnia (Transformers Prime) Appearance: Still working on it.

    (Sorry! I suck when it comes to designing.) Alt-mode: large robotic spider.

    Optimus Prime and Blackarachnia Elita This is a Transformers Animated Folder for Optimus Prime and Blackarachnia. (Comics and Photos go in different. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works.
    Airachnid continued to pester Breakdown, making puns directly related to his loss of his eye.

    images blackarachnia transformers prime

    Airachnid then proceeded to make a mark on Arcee's face with her acidic touch. Prime tried to reason with "Elita", asking her to come with them in the hopes of curing her, but Blackarachnia stabbed him, saying that it would be a long time before she trusted him again.

    Arcee refused to talk so Airachnid tried a simpler method - Either Arcee talked, or her partner, Tailgate whom Airachnid had also captured would die.

    Optimus Prime and Blackarachnia Elita1 on OptimusXElita4EVER DeviantArt

    Blackarachnia reminded him never to call her by that name again, shedding a tear in the process. FoxtrotStiltsForager.

    images blackarachnia transformers prime

    A 'con of sport, Airachnid enjoys hunting mostly sentient beingsas well as collecting endangered species and if they're not endangered, she'll make it so.

    images blackarachnia transformers prime
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    Though Starscream survived, she would later set her sights on Megatronwhom she challenged to come and face her new warrior.

    As Megatron and the other Decepticons questioned what happened to Breakdown's remains, Airachnid contacts Megatron. Categories :. Survival Skills. Optimus told her that he and Sentinel immediately formed a rescue party but were unable to find her. Megatron Rising - Part 1.

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    1. Aboard the Nemesis, Airachnid suggested her tracking skills would prove useful for tracking down remaining relics to Megatron.